Donald Trump is going to need a Cabinet. Who will make the cut?
“Rudy Giuliani? He’s making lots of money now but he loves the spotlight.” – Ellis Henican
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SOCIAL STORY WORKSHOP: WHAT’S THE IRRESISTIBLE NARRATIVE OF OUR BRAND?   Florida governor Charlie Crist, NFL coach Sean Payton, Navy SEAL Commander Rorke Denver, baseball great Dwight Gooden, NASCAR legend Michael Waltrip—they’ve all turned to Ellis Henican for help telling their remarkable stories across a wide variety of media platforms. Now, you and your brand…



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Worth Dying For: A Navy SEAL’s Call to a Nation In a fast-paced and action-packed narrative, Navy SEAL commander Rorke Denver tackles the questions that have emerged about America’s past decade at war—from what makes a hero to why we fight and what it does to us. Heroes are not always the guys who jump…




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This public conversation is part of the Communications Studies course “The Business of Entertainment” taught by Bill Lancaster. This course goes beyond the glitz and glamour to the what, why and how of making entertainment. Storytelling professional Ellis Henican visited Northeastern University as part of Professor Bill Lancaster’s class called Business of Entertainment. Ellis, a born and…


Metro ConMan

Trump’s America: The Great American Con

Con artists are the stars of five television series this season. And that’s not counting the one on the news channels.  Metro March 14, 2017 Television is packed this season with con-man shows. There are five—count ’em, five—crowding the airwaves. And that’s not even counting the con-man show that’s on all the news channels 24…


About Ellis Henican

ELLIS HENICAN is a New York Times bestselling author, a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper columnist and a popular TV news pundit. He is also the voice of Stormy on the hit Cartoon Network series Sealab 2021. Ellis is a born storyteller. His How to Catch a Russian Spy, written with American double-agent Naveed Jamali (Scribner), was called “the funniest book I read” by Washington Post critic Carlos Lozada and is being made into a feature film by director Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer, The Amazing Spider Man) for Twentieth Century Fox. Ellis wrote the ground-breaking Vigilance with longtime New York City police commissioner Ray Kelly (Hachette Books) and Worth Dying For with Navy SEAL commander Rorke Denver (Howard Books), a follow-up to their special-ops Read More