ELLIS HENICAN tells stories that shift opinions and change lives. A celebrated social storyteller in print, broadcast and digital media, he teaches thought leaders and national brands to share their own narratives in irresistible ways. Growing up in a raucous New Orleans family, Henican learned at the dinner table how to tell stories that get a reaction. He rode that talent into a multiplatform media career—as a New York newspaper columnist, TV-news pundit, New York Times bestselling author, speaker, moderator and social-media pioneer. Now he is sharing his uniquely effective storytelling techniques. Ellis customizes his keynote to achieve the goals and objectives you set for your event.

Below are Ellis’s most popular speaking topics:

SOCIAL MEDIA STORYTELLING: Crafting Epic Stories in Rapid Time


Dollars are pouring into social media. Brand marketers are scrambling for messages that will stick. One-off Facebook, Twitter, and blog posts aren’t getting it done anymore. Social media success, says Ellis Henican, begins with a story well told.  A three-time New York Times bestselling author, award-winning columnist, and popular cable-news pundit, Ellis applies proven narrative techniques to the lightning pace and short attention span of social media. Whether you’re selling a product, advancing a cause, or trying to change the world, he’ll help you tell your social media stories in irresistible ways. Ellis gives his audiences an unfair advantage in the social-media story wars. Don’t we all need that today?

In this inspiring session, you will learn:

  • The six key elements of an irresistible social media story.
  • Why data, statistics, and arguments are fine – but almost never persuade anyone.
  • How to tell a powerful story in a few short lines, 140 characters, even a single image or word.
  • Why people don’t like us – or “like” us – and how to change their minds.
  • How to tweak any story for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and all those social media platforms that haven’t been invented yet.
  • How to make sure your message isn’t hijacked.
  • What to do when no one’s paying attention—and how to use that to your advantage.


WHAT’S OUR STORY: Creating A Clear Vision and Strategy for Our Brand’s Narrative?


With social media, we have the most powerful storytelling platform that’s ever been invented.  But it’s mostly useless until we have a clear vision and strategy about; What is our story? What’s most compelling about our brand? How do the stories we tell channel our passions and advance our values in ways that draw people in? What skills do we need to tell great stories on a repeated basis?  When the right stories are told the right way in today’s social media, the results can be extraordinary. Increased engagement.  Stronger brand loyalty. Committed defenders when controversies arrive. Get this right, and people will “follow” you anywhere.

In this highly interactive session, Ellis Henican, the popular columnist, cable-TV pundit, and New York Times bestselling author shares with forward-looking marketers on how to develop a clear vision and strategy for your brand’s stories in the digital world. In this session, you will learn:


  • What the stories you choose say about your brand—and how to make sure it’s what you want to say.
  • How the right social story can magnify the effects of good advertising, design, and PR.
  • Why you should think of your social media community as an integral part of your marketing staff.
  • How to pull great stories out of every-day business life.
  • Why some stories go viral and others silently die—how to make people re-link, re-tweet, and repeat your story.
  • What skills do talent need to tell great stories on a repeated basis?





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