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An award-winning newspaper columnist, TV pundit, and social storyteller, Ellis Henican often finds himself in the middle of politics, business, crime, race, and more than a little tabloid silliness. As a moderator or host, he is known for his lively and entertaining take on the news and current events.  Ellis tailors each event to the special interests of the audience. He has a unique skill at helping senior executives and panelists talk about or dissect complex issues in a way that audiences feel informed, engaged, and entertained.

Below is a description of his most requested moderated session:

LET’S SOLVE EVERYTHING:  (A Practical Guide to Getting the Country Running Again…)

Immigration, gun control, Social Security, gay marriage, Obamacare, the economy: Can’t our politicians agree on anything—besides how much they loathe each other and how paralyzed our politics have become? There are secret solutions to all these issues. We can end bipartisan bickering right now. So says Newsday columnist and Fox News commentator Ellis Henican. “It’s not nearly as hard as you might think.” In his uniquely entertaining style, Henican takes his audience on a fast-paced romp through the news of the day. Interacting like fellow pundits, he and the audience start settling today’s big issues one by one. Before you know it, liberals and conservatives are actually talking to each other—and laughing at themselves. Tailored to the special interests of any audience, Henican helps diverse groups see how much we all have in common. His high-energy presentations leave even the most cynical audiences feeling hopeful, empowered, and engaged again. Now that’s change we can all believe in!

In this highly entertaining and interactive session, Ellis Henican will show:

  • Why many politicians prefer NOT to solve our biggest problems—and how we can start to change their minds.
  • How old liberal and conservative lines are breaking down and why this is good.
  • Why negative ads still work and what we can do to neutralize them.


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