A Look at the News of the Day: Personal and Opinionated



NFL coach Sean Payton, Navy SEAL Commander Rorke Denver, baseball great Dwight Gooden, NASCAR legend Michael Waltrip—they’ve all turned to Ellis Henican for help telling their remarkable stories across a wide variety of media platforms. Now, you and your brand can, too! With social media, we have the most powerful story-telling platform that’s ever been invented. But it’s mostly wasted effort until we’ve figured out: What is our story? What’s most compelling about our brand? How do the stories we tell channel our passions and advance our values in ways that draw people in? In this highly interactive session, the popular columnist, cable-TV pundit, and New York Times bestselling author shows forward-looking marketers how to unplug the PowerPoint and find the bestselling stories inside their brands. When the right stories are told the right way in today’s social media, the results can be extraordinary. Increased engagement. Stronger brand loyalty. Committed defenders when controversies arrive. Get this right, and people will “follow” you anywhere.

In this full day session, Ellis uses a mix of story, instruction, discussion, and interactive exercises to put the principles of storytelling to work for you. By the end of the day, you will know:

How to pull great stories out of every-day business life.What the stories you choose say about your brand —and how to make sure it’s what you want to say.

  • How the right social story can magnify the effects of good advertising, design and PR.
  • How to craft your story to make people like you—and “Like” you too. (Hint: Bragging is the worst.)
  • Why you should think of your social media community as an integral part of your marketing staff.
  • How to choose the right story for the right audience at the right time. (Misfiring on this one can be deadly.)
  • Why social media stories are like great conversation and why the eavesdroppers are so important.
  • Why some stories go viral and others silently die—how to make people re-link, re-tweet, and repeat yours.
  • The best ways of telling your story on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media—and making sure your message doesn’t get hijacked.


After the Social Story Workshop you walk away energized and equipped with tangible tools, simple strategies, and a proven process to generate breakthrough stories that are directly relevant to your company’s brand and engage your audiences.

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