“A beautiful city in ruins. An underachieving football team. A young coach committed to reviving them both. No team ever meant so much to a city. No city ever needed it more.’’


What Ellis says about writing this book with Sean Payton:

I loved writing “Home Team.”

Heading back to my battered and beloved home town to tell the inside story of this remarkable triumph — what could be a better adventure than that?

Sean Payton is a fascinating guy and a brilliant football coach.  He and the Saints gave an extraordinary gift to New Orleans — just when the city needed it most.

The Saints gave the city its swagger back.

The whole Gulf South region had been through so much with Katrina and the floods that followed. Some people said the area would never bounce back. This young coach learned instinctively how wrong they were. Then he showed the rest of the world.

There’s a special quality to the people around New Orleans, a special character and a special strength. The people don’t give up — ever. They live, in every dimension of the word. They look inside themselves. They grab their inspiration where they find it. And they thrive again.

They do what others warn was impossible, up to and including saving themselves.

Now they are everyone’s Home Team.

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A portion of the book proceeds will help support the continued recovery of the Gulf Coast region, especially its children, through Payton’s Play It Forward Foundation.


In The Blink of An Eye

Michael Waltrip snapped a 462-race winless streak when he won the 2001 Daytona 500. That victory, and the loss of his friend and team owner Dale Earnhardt, form the basis for “In the Blink of an Eye: Dale, Daytona and the Day that Changed Everything” by Michael Waltrip and Ellis Henican.

There was one lap to go in the 2001 Daytona 500, NASCAR’S most celebrated event. Michael Waltrip and Dale Earnhardt Jr. were running one-two. Junior’s legendary dad—Dale Earnhardt Sr., the driver race fans called “the Intimidator”—was close behind in third, blocking anyone who might try to pass.

Waltrip had competed in 462 NASCAR Cup races without a single win. But on that day he was driving for Dale’s team – his close friend and mentor – and he knew it would be different.

He had no idea that his greatest triumph would get mired in terrible tragedy.

For the first time ever Michael Waltrip tells the story of that fateful afternoon at Daytona, a day whose echoes are still heard today. It’s a story of his grief, the way this day changed his life, the impact Dale’s accident had on so many people.

It’s an inspiring and powerful story told with Waltrip’s trademark humor, honesty, and reverence.

It’s a book you’ll want to read.

Listen to Michael Waltrip talk about the “In the Blink of an Eye”:


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